Resume Do's and Don'ts

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In my current role as a senior software developer, at a small start-up, I get to look over a lot of resumes - from interns, to junior coders right up to very experienced devs. Over time you see a few repeating patterns that you really wish you wouldn’t. Most of them are pretty minor, in the scheme of things, but when you’re looking at dozens of resumes and you’re looking for ways to narrow the selection pool why put yourself in that company?

Don’t: Send .doc(x)

Not everyone has MS Office especially in a startup where the cost can be prohibitive and GSuite is the norm. PDF is near-universal these days and renders in browsers without plugins (most of the time). Even word can export to .pdf so you have no excuse!

Do: Keep your resume to 2 pages or less

I’m usually going through multiple resumes at a given time and I don’t have time. Tell me what you’ve done succinctly and efficiently.

Do: Use a spell checker

Unless you’re sending your resume in by mail and you’re using a typewriter then you have access to a decent spell checker.