Week 30 of 52: Verafin (Take 2)

If you’ve been following my blog for a while (ie. since January 7th) you may remember that I did my first post, for this project, on my workplace Verafin. Being the photographer extraordinaire that I am I was ‘commissioned’ to do some pictures of the 3 founders this week for a possible award. So on Friday, Mrs. Vicki Barbour (who was a great help/creative director) and I took some snaps of the lads – Jamie, Brendan and Ray (See above image). If you don’t know who’s who, why not make some guesses!? The three guys are super busy all the time making the company grow and prosper so their time was limited, but under the guidance of Mrs. Barbour and I we shaped them (like putty/clay) into handsome leaders of (wo)men – in photograph form. I’m modest, I know.

So besides these pictures I also did some pictures for the support/crm/training teams, a while back, to go up on our community site (for our customers). I didn’t do a blog post on these photos so I figured why not includes them here! I was asked to do these pictures by our stellar documentation/community site team – Rae Lynn and Deanne. They wanted the pictures  to show off our work environment and our people since we like to stay close with our customers and since they mostly interact with us through email/phone – it’s nice to put a face to a name.

Above is Nicole. We worked at Consilient (my first employer) back a few years ago – there are a number of Consilient ex-pats at Verafin. I like this shot because it’s nicely focused on her, she got a great smile and it’s got some lovely window light.

Next up is Jason. Mr. Murphy is another guy I worked with at Consilient. He’s a happy guy, always up for a good time. He’s also big into golf, so he’s probably wanting some sunny weather (aren’t we all!). This is another bright/airy shot that I’m quite happy with. Again, you’ve got another nice big smile and a nice focus on Jason (background has a little bit of clutter but that’s how the office looks!)

This is Mr. Chris Glover – aka. G-lover. Chris is one of the main trainers at Verafin and he’s a funny guy – lots of family guy/simpson/movie quotes are stored up there in his memory banks. This is one of the poses he did for me (he did give me a ‘sensible’ one as well). I like that this image shows Chris’ personality and is still fun and somewhat work-related-ish.

Anyways, there are a few more pictures down below from both shoots (founders and support/training/crm peeps). My last Verafin post did really well (got lots of visitors) so hopefully that trend continues this time! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I’ll be modest for you. We are fantastic moulding people to our will. Oh wait. That’s not modest. Either way, great pics.

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